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Clients often complain that escorts don’t look like the advertised images when they show up at their doorstep. This can understandably breed distrust in an already untrustworthy industry. That’s why I, as an independent escort in London, am publishing this blog post to address the issue and promote transparency.

The Problem with Hidden Faces in Escort Photos

Ensuring Trust in London’s Independent Escort Industry

Escorts often cover their faces in their photos due to the stigma associated with their profession. Revealing their identity can have consequences in their private lives and other careers. Unfortunately, this practice leads to unethical escort agencies and independent escorts stealing owners’ photos and using them as their own. Consequently, clients are lied to and left disappointed when a different person shows up or the photos are outdated.

Embracing Transparency with My Photos

Genuine London Independent Escort Selfies and Unretouched Images

To resolve this problem, I have taken the initiative to publish my own selfies and videos. These visuals are recent and unretouched, providing an authentic representation of myself. It’s important to understand that asking an escort who doesn’t show her face in the photos to reveal her identity is considered extremely rude and disrespectful. Respect the reasons mentioned in the previous section when contacting escorts. With that being said – enjoy!

Getting to Know Me Better

About Me, Twitter Feed, and Booking Page of a High-Class London Escort

If you’re interested in booking me, there are several resources available to get to know me better. In the “About Me” section, you can find more information about my personality, interests, and background. Additionally, I maintain an active Twitter feed where I share my musings and selfies (there’s more where that came from!), allowing you to check if we are compatible. To initiate the booking process, head over to my booking page.

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